Clovis Lark

Principal Librarian

Clovis Lark joined the Utah Symphony Orchestra as Principal Librarian in 2005. Prior to that date, he was Orchestra Librarian for the Indiana University School of Music where he founded the New Vienna Ensemble, devoted to chamber works by Arnold Schoenberg and his many students. During the 1990's he was librarian for the Festival der Zunkunft of Ernen, Switzerland by that festival's founder, pianist György Sebök. He has also assisted the Salt Lake Nova and Intermezzo chamber series. A devotee of modern music and its necessary place in concert venues along side standard repertoire, he has close associations with composer/conductor Pierre Boulez, Cliff Colnot (Director of MusicNow in Chicago), Augusta Read Thomas, former Composer in Residence for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the family of composer Arnold Schoenberg. Mr. Lark has collaborated in correcting new editions of Mahler, Ravel, and, most recently, Sir Harrison Birtwistle's Secret Theatre for chamber ensemble.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Clovis Lark grew up in St. Louis, Manhattan, Kansas and Salt Lake City, before moving to New York to attend Columbia University where he studied with Patricia Carpenter and composer Jacques-Louis Monod.

He is an avid mountaineer, cook (those are Colorado's finest native porcini in the photo), cyclist and raving partner to Stephen Proser whenever Arsenal and Olympique Lyon are playing.