With over 700 volunteers annually, the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera Volunteer Network is the largest volunteer organization supporting Utah Symphony | Utah Opera.

Volunteers are an extension of the staff and represent the company as much as any other member of the staff or crew. This is why we value the individual expertise and experience each volunteer brings with them. We rely on you as good-will ambassadors for USUO to help promote a positive experience for our audience members.

Volunteering your time and energy to the USUO Volunteer Network is a great way to reap significant cultural and social benefits while providing vital support to our organization. Like all cultural institutions, we couldn’t function without our volunteers!

Volunteering with USUO gives you an up-close look into some of the inner workings and behind the scenes of the largest Arts organization in the state of Utah. You will receive complimentary tickets to concerts and events, educational exposure to artistic personnel, and opportunities to socialize and network with culturally active individuals.

Wherever possible, we try to match assigned responsibilities to volunteers’ areas of skill and interest. We have many jobs to be fulfilled, including:

  • Intermission Receptions
  • Utah Symphony Gift Shop
  • Utah Opera Boutique
  • Guest artist relations/transportation
  • Fundraisers
  • Youth Program events
  • Internships
  • Docent Program


As an Intermission Reception Volunteer, you will:

  • Arrive at 7:45 PM.
  • Wear your Sunday best and shoes you are comfortable standing in.
  • Assist with the intermission reception.
  • Receive a voucher for a future performance and parking validation.

Thank you for helping us create another successful season and for your support of arts in our community!


Volunteer for the Utah Symphony

To join us, browse through the list of upcoming concerts below and click on the date you would like to volunteer during our intermission receptions. You must be 18 or older to volunteer at the VIP Receptions.

There are no events in the selected category

We welcome you to become part of our organization. Please contact us and tell us how you’d like to participate.


The Volunteer Voice is our Volunteer Newsletter that contains spotlights, upcoming volunteer opportunities, and activities for current and future volunteers. To subscribe, email volunteers@usuo.org.