As Utah Symphony prepares to announce our 2014-15 season, we’re inviting you to join in solving the mystery of some of our most exciting Masterworks performances.

On Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 9 am, we will release the first clue in solving this digital mystery via the www.utahsymphony.org blog in advance of our season announcement on Tues. February 4.

For eight days (excluding Sundays), one clue a day will lead participants to virtual clues revealing highlights of the Masterworks performances in the 2014-15 season lineup. Clues could come in the form of audio clips, word scrambles, visual collages, and will require players to super sleuth their way to uncovering the answer: a specific work of music, a guest artist name, or a program theme. Included in the hunt will be the clue to an upcoming symphony cycle being done in honor of Maurice Abravanel, the Utah Symphony’s Music Director from 1947 to 1979.

Players will then submit all their completed answers online at www.utahsymphony.org/hunt prior to midnight, Mountain Standard Time, on Monday, February 3, 2014, in advance of the following day , when the entire season is announced to season subscribers. For every correct answer (and bonus elements such as guest artists), players will receive Utah Symphony Bucks valued at $10 for future performances.

Participants who figure out all eight answers correctly will receive a voucher good for a ticket to an upcoming performance and be entered into a drawing for the grand prize: a pair of tickets to each performance in the Utah Symphony’s 2014-15 season, a stay at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City and dinner for two at Salt Lake Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

Happy hunting! Let the games begin...

Jan 25 Clue No.1 - utahsymphony.org/letsbegin

Answer No. 1 - Mussorgsky: “Night on Bald Mountain”
An arrangement of Modest Mussorgsky’s work, “Night on Bald Mountain”, obtained iconic exposure in the 1940s Walt Disney animated film Fantasia. It was depicted in the first clue in our scavenger hunt with the dark, winged demon from the movie.


Jan 27 Clue No. 2 - utahsymphony.org/H692K34

Answer No. 2 - Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 with guest pianist Yefim Bronfman
We teased with an icon of Facebook along with “You should LIKE this guest pianist too” in Russian to hint at guest pianist Yefim Brontman’s heritage. We also “liked” him on Facebook.

On Facebook, a post in German described the piano concerto with a photo of Brahms: “This piano concerto was started in 1878 and completed in 1881. It is dedicated to the composer’s teacher Eduard Marxsen. The premiere was on November 9, 1881, with the composer as soloist, and was an immediate success.”


Jan 28 Clue No. 3utahsymphony.org/MMDDA78

Answer No. 3 - Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 with guest pianist André Watts
A word search without the words took on a challenging form. Diligent players spotted the following words which would have lead them to the answer of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5:

André Watts
Emperor Concerto
Best New Classical Artist Grammy


Jan 29 Clue No. 4 - utahsymphony.org/0B9FGN5

Answer No. 4 - Wagner: The Ring
The teaser was a YouTube video linked to a preview of “Lord of the Rings” film. A Google search of hashtag #Gesamtkunstwerk referred to “total work of art.” Wagner revolutionized opera through the synthesis of the poetic, visual, musical and dramatic arts. He announced these ideas in a series of essays between 1849 and 1852 in reference to his four-part opera, Der Ring des Nibelungen, known as The Ring.


Jan 30 Clue No. 5 - utahsymphony.org/FW8GL2

Answer No. 5 - Augusta Read Thomas: EOS world premiere commissioned by Utah Symphony
Three photos represented the composer’s full name visually. Hashtag #newcommission signified Utah Symphony’s commission of her new piece, EOS.

The logo for Augusta National Golf Club, the site of the Master’s Golf Championship.
The photo of reeds represented the composer’s middle name, “Read”.
The photo of Thomas Edison led searchers to “Thomas”, her last name.


Jan 31 Clue No. 6 - utahsymphony.org/R2GSF9

Answer No. 6 - Beethoven: Ninth Symphony
Starting with a nod to the piccolo, the “star” of the 4th movement in Beethoven’s 9th, we led players to a picture of Vienna’s Theater an Karntnertor on Twitter (the piccolo’s “favorite social media site). The famous Beethoven’s 9th was premiered here. The “1824” superimposed in old English script above the picture referred to the date it premiered.


Feb 1 Clue No. 7 - utahsymphony.org/MF3ST0

Answer No. 7 - Mahler Symphony Cycle
This clue was considered one of the hardest in our hunt. Super sleuths realized the word was a phonetic reference to #SymphonyCycle that led them to Instagram. Once there, they found that Utah Symphony had “liked” several photos of Mahler. And a mysterious GustMahler had posted a photo of Mahler with #SymphonyCycle, #1415 and #Utah.


Feb 3 Clue No. 8 - utahsymphony.org/Q2OPR7

Answer No. 8 - Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s concert
Maestro Fischer was a great sport in filming a YouTube spot dropping major hints to the annual New Year’s Day concert broadcasted on PBS television.

Our version on the January 2 & 3 Masterworks series is inspired by the Vienna Philharmonic’s traditional repertoire of polkas and waltzes that often features the Blue Danube Waltz.



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