What to Pack in Your Deer Valley Music Festival Picnic Basket

People enjoying a picnicThis summer will be filled with sun, songs, and snacks for us! One of the best parts of the Deer Valley Music Festival is enjoying tasty snacks while listening to live music. Do you know what you’re going to put in your picnic basket? If not, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for local purveyors who pack some punch to whet your festival foodie appetite.

Cremenelli Fine Meats

Creminelli family legend alleges that they’ve been crafting meats in Italy since before the 1800s, but it was Master Artisan owner and founder Cristiano Creminelli who brought that age-old tradition to Utah. With that kind of history and dedication to their craft, you’d better believe that their artisanal charcuterie products are good! They have great on-the-go options which will fit perfectly in your DVMF picnic basket.

Beehive Cheese Co.

If you’re looking for the perfect thing to pair with your meat plate, Beehive Cheese Co. has just the thing for you. Since 2005, brothers-in-law Tim Welsh and Pat Ford have perfected unique, award-winning offerings like the Barely Buzzed which is hand rubbed with espresso and lavender, and the Hatch Chile with a sweet spicy kick, all made in their Northern Utah facility.

Red Bicycle Breadworks

You can’t have a meat and cheese plate without good bread to go with it. Since you’re already in Park City for the Deer Valley Music Festival, stop by The Market for their “crack bread” that has a buttered popcorn flavor from olive oil and sea salt.

The Chocolate Conspiracy

Top your basket off with a little dessert! The Chocolate Conspiracy offers sweet treats for the true chocolate enthusiast. Load up on candy bars, truffles and more.

Garwood’s Ginger Beer

If you’re feeling adventurous, wash down your concert snacks with local Salt Lake-produced Garwood’s Ginger Beer. They are a “symphony in a bottle” according to the owners, so it’s a perfect pairing for your concert experience. You can buy these tart, non-alcoholic drinks at places all over the valley like Liberty Heights Fresh, The Hive Winery, and Harmons.

Now that you have your snacks planned, which concerts are you going to?

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Pardon Our Dust: Abravanel Hall Plaza Construction

The plaza in front of Abravanel Hall is getting a much needed makeover this year. Most of the concrete and the fountain in the front will be removed to make way for new greenery, sidewalks and walkways. The new plans call for better lighting and sign fixtures as well as grey and white concrete with accents in warm tones including browns and gold.

Abravanel Hall Courtyard

Abravanel Hall Courtyard

Abravanel Hall Courtyard

Abravanel Hall Courtyard

This does mean that access to the plaza and east entrance to the lobby will be cut off until Spring 2015. A safety fence will stretch along South Temple, West Temple and the lawn, removing access through the front doors. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to enter Abravanel Hall. There are three entrances to the lobby of Abravanel Hall. To enter directly into the lobby and bypass the congestion at the ticket office, go up the stairs near the ticket office and enter through the doors on the lobby’s west side. Another option is the main entrance to the ticket office, which can be found on the north side, with access from South Temple. If you already have your tickets and want to avoid the stairs by taking the elevator, we recommend going down the alley on the west side of the building entering through the west doors. The UTA Temple Square Trax stop is located right across from Abravanel Hall and there is a crosswalk to the west that will take you directly to the entrances which will be open. If you have difficulties walking or navigating, we suggest that you park near the Salt Palace or at the Plaza Hotel.


Abravanel Hall Entry Map

Abravanel Hall Entry Map during Construction

The plaza will be closed through Spring 2015, so please plan your trips accordingly.

If you have any problems with getting into Abravanel Hall, call the ticket office for detailed descriptions on perfect parking areas and entering the Hall during construction.

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Mother Nature and Music: A Mighty 5® Fan Account from Andrew Wilson

Two of my absolute favorite pastimes are: 1) spending time enjoying the great outdoors and 2) experiencing live music. These are also two of the main reasons why I love living in Utah, am proud to be a Utahn, and that I thoroughly enjoy my job. When there were rumblings at work that we were putting together the Mighty 5® Tour, my interest was piqued and I kept my fingers crossed that I would be able to assist with the tour and hopefully go along! Flash forward and now I’m in Moab staring out my hotel window at the redrock that I began a lifelong fascination as a kid. The icing on the cake? I get to share this experience with my mum at my side, as she decided to join in and volunteer for the tour!

rock formation

Don’t sneeze! An awesome example of the great rock formations in Southern Utah!

Contine reading

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There is absolutely no way that the Mighty 5® Tour could happen without having volunteers to help run and organize the show. The Utah Symphony and Utah Opera have always been deeply indebted to our volunteers and this experience is no different.

I had the chance to talk to Melissa Robison our Volunteer Coordinator, and Publication and Front of House Manager. She has been working hard on working with and training volunteers to make the Mighty 5® Tour spectacular.

Also, if you want to volunteer (and get into these sold out shows), you can still sign up! Just contact Melissa (her number is at the bottom).

USUO: How do you get enough volunteers to make everything work?
Melissa: When we decided we were going to do this tour, we knew it would be impossible to take our awesome volunteer network with us. Fortunately for us, our Education Department already reaches down to Southern Utah, so we decided to look at local volunteers. We created a flier and sent it out to the Chamber of Commerce and arts and local schools and reached out that way to gather volunteers. We did a lot on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too. Contine reading

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A Magical Concert | Un Concierto Mágico

Mickey Mouse

Mickey performing with the Utah Symphony

Friday, August 1st was one of those times when I felt like a boy again thanks to the Utah Symphony and Disney (and after having lost most of my hair, and having what little is left full of gray, I’m especially grateful).
During the concert the orchestra and soloists performed pieces from films like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog, and Mulan among others. But there were three moments that really captivated me:

Contine reading

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