This Week in Education Land


Our Utah Opera Ensemble Artists have a busy week ahead of them! They’ll introduce the students of Herriman Elementary (Jordan SD), South Kearns Elementary (Granite SD), Jim Bridger Elementary (Granite SD), Whittier Elementary (SLC SC), and Polk Elementary (Ogden) to opera! They’re also going to do a presentation of their Opera 101 program to the Wasatch Youth Center. You can get a taste of our excellent Ensemble Artists yourself this Saturday at the Salt Lake City Farmers Market! They’ll perform at noon.


We are also giving a couple of school tours of the Utah Opera Production Studios this week. Plus, you can learn about the music on this weekend’s concert at the pre-concert lectures happening in Abravanel Hall’s First Tier Room prior to the concerts (7:15pm) on September 23 and 24.

Looking ahead to next week: make sure you don’t miss our annual favorite: the Salute-to-Youth Concert on Sept 27th. Nine young soloists, all stellar musicians, will rock Abravanel Hall with concerto movements they’ll perform with Utah Symphony! You’ll hear a movement from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons “Spring,” rare flute and xylophone concerti, as well as perennial favorites by Mozart, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, and Mendelssohn. These young musicians are incredibly talented. You can learn more about them at the artist profiles section on our website.

We’ve also posted the first lesson in our three-week course on Beethoven’s only opera Fidelio. Click here!

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