Education Visits This Week

Did you know: Utah Symphony and Utah Opera EACH visit every single school district in the state at least once every three years. How amazing is that!

We have a veritable plethora of education opportunities that range from school programs, to pre-K, and all the way on up to Adult Education! You can read all about our excellent education programs here. Prepare to have your mind blown; mine certainly was when I began at USUO seven years ago! I had no idea we did as much as we do. Now’s here’s something that will really blow your mind: all of those opportunities are organized by mostly THREE PEOPLE. Yes. Incredible.

Watch this blog on Mondays to see what’s happening each week in Education land!

This week our Utah Opera Apprentice Artists are visiting 8 different schools in Carbon, Price, Helper, and Mapleton, UT. If you’d like to find out the specific schools please contact Tracy Hansford at The apprentices do such a great job introducing kids to opera!

There’s also something for adults this week. As part of our Beethoven Celebration all season long, you can watch the film Copying Beethoven at the City Library Auditorium (210 E 400 S) on Wednesday, September 14 @ 2:00 pm. This film is presented by the Utah Film Center. A full list of events happening during the festival are here.

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