A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Reviews.

We had such a wonderful time this weekend with our friends from Utah Shakespeare Festival! We hope you enjoyed the great show they helped us put on.

Adams appeared to be having the time of his life as the mischievous Puck, while Bahr and Mellen earned laughs as fairy royalty Oberon and Titania. But it was Ivers, enacting the supremely silly tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe, who had not only the crowd but several members of the orchestra in stitches.
The Salt Lake Tribune

McGegan, whose gestures on the podium are expressive and fluid, captured the essence of the music wonderfully. His bright tempos allowed the music to flow and breathe naturally and allowed him to bring out the lightness and transparency of the score. McGegan elicited nuanced and finely crafted playing from the orchestra. His reading was exuberant, vibrant and did justice to Shakespeare’s play.
Reichel Recommends

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