Secrets of Abravanel Hall Parking

Ever since the Crossroads Plaza parking garage was demolished parking downtown has been a little bit of a hassle for people attending our performances. The good news is that while the Crossroads garage is gone, there is still plenty parking within walking distance of Abravanel Hall for people attending the Utah Symphony.

Free Parking
I’m almost positive that most of the people who say they can’t find parking for our performances are really saying that they can’t find free parking. Unfortunately, there isn’t much free parking in any downtown, and Salt Lake City is no exception. If you plan on finding free parking on the street or in that super-secret place a friend told you about, come early and give yourself plenty of time to search and walk to the performance. As a backup plan, bring some cash for the parking garage.

If you insist on free parking near Abravanel Hall and are planning on eating downtown anyway, consider eating at the Marriott’s Elevations Restaurant. They have a pre-symphony meal for around $20 per person which includes free parking in their garage (across the street from Abravanel Hall – enter on 50 S West Temple).

Public Transportation
Abravanel Hall is easy to reach via TRAX. In fact, the Temple Square TRAX stop is closer to Abravanel Hall than it is to Temple Square. TRAX also runs after the performance, so there’s no need to worry about getting stranded downtown. Check for locations and time. If you plan to take Frontrunner, the last train leaves the station at 11:20 PM.

Restaurant Shuttles
A few downtown restaurants offer shuttle service to and from Abravanel Hall including The New Yorker, Market Street Grill, and Donovan’s Steak and Chop House. Mention you’re attending the Utah Symphony and would like to take the shuttle when making your reservation. All these restaurants offer valet parking, so bring money for parking and tip.

Parking Garages & Lots
Another place to park is in one of the many parking garages or lots surrounding Abravanel Hall. Most of them will cost you $5 – $10 (bring cash in case they don’t take cards). Here are the five closest places:

  • Plaza Hotel – Enter on 100 W South Temple
  • Marriott Hotel – Enter on 50 S West Temple
  • Radisson Hotel – Enter on 200 W South Temple
  • Salt Palace Convention Center – Enter on 150 W 200 S
  • Parking Place – Enter on 50 N 300 W (near Triad Center); Take TRAX to performance for free.

ADA Parking
Abravanel Hall does not have its own parking lot, but there is dedicated ADA street parking on South Temple in front of Abravanel Hall. These spots fill up very quickly. If you’re attending the performance with a guest in a wheelchair or who needs ADA access into Abravanel Hall, we have an ADA drop-off location on the west side of the building. After the drop off, you will need to find parking in another location. Call our ticket office at 801-533-6683 for more information.

Bike Racks
If you live close by, give your car the night off and ride your bike. There are nifty bike racks shaped like treble clefs on Abravanel Hall’s plaza and near the ticket office so you can lock it up.

Looking for more options? Check out our parking map –

Where are your favorite places to park for the Symphony?

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  • saunieh

    Little America also has a shuttle service that is, I believe, $4 per person. It leaves the hotel and has a drop off right in front of Abravanel Hall. We’ve used it several times as one of our favorite places to eat before attenting the symphony is the coffee shop in Little America. It makes for a great evening and a fairly inexpensive price.

  • Erika

    Well as of December 19, 2011 Little America no longer has the shuttle service, but seriously just A BLOCK to the West and kitty corner to Energy Solutions Arena, there is a huge parking lot that does not charge for parking at the current time. On top of that there is a JBs Restaurant/Diner right across the street on South Temple where you can warm up or wait for the performance to start. Prices are very inexpensive too!!! Enjoy you performance!

  • Bill King

    Your information for parking at the Opera is disgustingly bad. Following your guidelines an Opera patron who cannot walk is going to have to crawl at least 4-6 blocks to get to the opera.

    Can you say despised little sister?

  • Jon Miles

    Hi Bill,

    I’m sorry about the confusion. Which opera suggestions are you referring to? This information is for Utah Symphony performances at Abravanel Hall. The opera performs at Capitol Theatre.

  • Utah Opera

    Hi Bill,
    I’m sorry this blog post doesn’t have more options for parking at Capitol Theatre. We’ll work on doing one specifically for the Opera. If you go over to the opera website:

    It lists the three closest parking lots to Capitol Theatre:
    Ampco 170 Garage located at 170 South Main Street; Ampco 175 Garage located at 175 South West Temple; and the Salt Palace, which has a parking entrance on 200 South.

    There is also an ADA drop-off in front of the theatre, and metered parking in front of, and across the street from the theatre.

    I hope that helps!

  • Christine

    I think Bill is referring to the email that the opera recently sent (I received it after purchasing tickets) that links directly to this article. The link admittedly states “click here for tips on downtown parking,” but it is from an opera email.
    It would be helpful to have information that is for the opera, as well as for Abravanel – a lot of people attend both!

  • Thanks this is really useful! We generally use TRAX but sometimes like to drive and park downtown.