I interrupted Governor Hunstman at lunch…

Making a run to the local soup kitchen for lunch today netted my co-workers and I more than we expected. While in line, Carmen, our milliner, noticed Governor Huntsman at a table. We continued through the lunch line thinking that it was kinda’ cool to see an elected official out and about in one of our local haunts. I had brought in a stack of postcard advertisements for this weekend’s Vivace event, to leave on the counter. As it was directly behind the Governor, I couldn’t help but give in to the impulse.

“Governor Hunstman?  My name is Jen Jenkins.  I work for Utah Symphony and Opera…have you heard of Vivace?”

Turns out Governor Huntsman is on the board, knows our previous CEO Anne Ewers (she is in Philidelphia now, he saw her a few weeks ago), and actually opened our costume shop after it was newly remodeled a few years ago. Talk about cool! He let me ramble on for a few minutes about our group of 20s, 30s, 40s, single/married/partnered peeps who love to discuss classic music and opera events at after parties. I couldn’t help but invite him to an event, as I think Vivace is as classy as it gets.

If you are interested in participating in a group that gets their funk on to the classics, and keeps it real, come hang with us. You never know where the ride might take you. And thanks for your sponsorship, Governor. It warms the heart to know that art invested in and championed by locals is a statewide affair.

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